How To Create A Stand Out Campaign in Delhi

In a congested marketplace it’s vital that your business stands out from a very jam-packed marketplace. We’ve heard this all before right? And while it’s an undeniable fact and advice one should follow, what would the concept of ‘standing out’ actually look like? Well that was the brief our creative team received when preparing our latest advertising campaign.
We spoke to Mr. Talha Qadri Khan, one of MON’s Lead Graphic Designers and asked him to share a little insight about working on the campaign and the process of creating designs that aren’t afraid of being different.

What do you do at MON?
I work in the creative team and look after a small team of designers, art-workers and photographers. We work on a whole host of projects for the company, including branding, website, photography, marketing collateral and online advertising campaigns.

What came first, the words or the design?
The key note that the marketing team wanted to express was one of MON’s core beliefs: that we can help any business, big or small, to really stand out from the crowd. Our early aim was to explore concepts that worked around this idea. We started out with a variety of headlines that depicted the message and whittled them down to the ones that aligned best with MON’s strong and playful tone of voice. From these we picked our final three. We wanted each line to connect and engage our audience; prompting the self-belief that they were the ‘glittery flamingo’ we were talking to. The lines had such a strong visual identity that it was perfect for us to play on this. The challenge was to figure out how to get a dolphin, flamingo and polka dot to sit nicely together in the layouts – which is a line I never thought I’d be saying!

Who was involved in creating the final designs?
All design work is an extremely collaborative process, and this campaign was no exception. We worked with an external agency to craft and hone the concept before passing the brief over to a paper artist who painstaking built the ads, cutting out individual feathers and shrimp! Because we were dealing in a media that is pretty unforgiving, we had to make sure every element was perfect before the paper artist could get involved. This meant we went through a variety of layouts and colours in vector form prior to fabrication.

What advice would you give to designers who want their work to to stand out?

The way I see it, every individual has the uniqueness and potential to be that glittery flamingo, it’s just a case of believing in yourself and owning your vision. Design is such a wide discipline, so you need to identify your strengths and talents, find the field that makes you happy, find what’s fun and run with it! After all, we all want to be the sexy ideas dolphin…