Fee Graphic Design Tips for Your Start-up or Small Business in Delhi NCR

When small businesses strat their products/services,
they don't think about graphic desgn with proper brand planning
My name is Mohsin Raza, working as Graphic Design and Marketing Consultant for small and medium size businesses in New Delhi. We help businesses positively apply design strategies that add value to their small organization. The tips that we offer in our trainings are beneficial to the small business owners in India.

One of the main hard issues that a start-up business struggles with is not having enough capital to invest in a professional graphic designer to help them create and build their graphic brand. They need a brandling like logo, a business card, official letter head, office envelopes, a responsive website, marketing materials...the list goes on and on. And if the creation of their visual identity is not done professionally and strategically, they are at a much greater risk of losing business.

In this article, and in articles to come, I will offer cost effective graphic design strategies for the "Do It Easy" business proprietors that will position them in the marketplace as the expert that they are. The benefit of these tips is that they WILL add value to their businesses as it grows.

So let’s get started.

If you don't yet have a budget for your graphic design needs, the "key" is to start off "low-key". Hold off on the logo design until you have built up enough capital to invest in having one professional designed. This way you can build your visual brand strategically as you build your company.

"But we need a corporate visiting card to hand out at meetings and networking events in Delhi...like today!"

Here is an easy strategy that you can use rather quickly. Remember KISS. It is an acronim that professional graphic designers use. It means, Keep It Simple Stupid. The simpler, cleaner, and clearer your business card is, the easier it is for you to get your message across to your target market rather quickly and effectively.

Having a spotless, simple, minimalistic business card allows you to make a positive impression with your skills and expertise without damaging your visual brand. "Wow" your clients with your expertise in your field, rather than turn them away with unprofessionally designed marketing materials. When the time is right, you can hire a professional graphic designer to help you strategically build your marketing materials which will open you up to a wider customer base.

• Use a relaxed to read font.
• Use minimal information - Company name, Your name, Telephone number, E-mail, Website.
• Use a substantial cardstock - This alone will send a subliminal message to you audience.
• Use color sparingly, if at all.
• Type size should be a minimum of 8pt - preferably 10pt. 

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